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How To


* If you choose the area to use, you can check the catalog you want.


* You can reposition or delete IT product categories.


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Faster, Easier!
Get a catalog by space

To receive a catalog, simply check the space provided and enter your personal details.

  1. Check the verticals and spaces and then click

    Click on the Vertical you are interested in.

    Click on the Space you are interested in.

  2. Receive the catalog via email

    Fill in all fields marked with *

    Click the SUBMIT button

How to make your own official curation

Create a catalog quickly and easily by referring to the information below!

  1. Choose the vertical you're interested in

    Edit Catalog
    Click this button to visit the page where
    you can edit the catalog (refer to Step 2).
    Download Catalog
    Click this button to immediately
    download the catalog for that vertical.

    Click this button to instantly download
    the catalog for all verticals.

  2. Edit the catalog

    You can select multiple buttons or change their order.
    At least one button must be selected.

    Click the 'Get Your Catalog' button
    when all selections are made (refer to Step 3).

    Each button allows you to move,
    delete or add products.

  3. Preview the catalog

    Click the button to download
    the catalog you created.

    Click the button to edit
    the catalog again.

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