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LG Cloud Device Logo Your Productivity Secured

Cloud Device Summary

Enhanced Security

The risk of information leakage is reduced because you're connecting to a virtual desktop of a central server. With the LG Thin Client you're connected anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

The usage of storage on LG thin client can be restricted through the centralized management.

LG thin client prevents leakage of confidential student data. With less endpoint exposure, data remains safe in the data center.

Since LG thin clients run virtual desktops and applications at the data center, it's difficult for malware and viruses to establish a foothold at the endpoint.

No patient data is stored on an LG thin client, and important systems and application software is centralized at the data center.

Cost Effectiveness

The task of installing a personal desktop and a monitor on every desk in the office is gone. The All-in-One Thin Client or Mobile Thin Client now in a variety of locations allows anyone to work with a personal computer, it also reduces the purchaser's total cost by increasing the number of devices that the IT Manager can now have.

Switching from a conventional PC system to a VDI environment can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 51%*. * Modelled using an LG CK500W
with 1,000 users

Educational institutions can manage their digital devices with a relatively low resource management budget, making it easy to build a digital learning environment.

LG thin client can help make the most of every hardware dollar spent without sacrificing performance or effectiveness.

You can intelligently leverage your budget while improving performance and enhancing healthcare services.

Work Efficiency

Whereas the pandemic has us distanced from one another, online, we are closer. With the All-in-One Thin Client or Mobile Thin Client with built-in Webcam and Mic, you can easily host or join in a video conference without additional equipment needing to be connected.

LG thin clients simplify management by replacing the use of desktop computers with moving parts that can break. By removing this variable you can free up administrators to focus on other tasks.

LG thin clients let students and staff access valuable research tools by logging into their virtual desktops from any available thin client.

An entire fleet can be updated from one centralized terminal, eliminating the need to update individual devices consistently.

LG thin clients let medical professionals securely log in and access information and resources from a protected data center.

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Why LG Cloud Device

  • Various All-in-One form factors from 24-inch to 38-inch

    No matter what kind of work environment, LG gives you the right All-in-One Thin Client. You’ll find products that will increase your work output, whether it's the standard 24" Full HD Display up to the 38-inch curved WQHD+ UltraWide™ large screen. For the greatest in work output, the 21:9 UltraWide™ display allows a variety of data to be seen at a glance.

  • IPS display with a wide viewing angle

    IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology provides visual comfort for researching or for reviewing documents and charts with others, presenting clear images from any angle without any color distortion.

  • Identical design with LG monitors

    LG’s All-in-One Cloud Device has the same look as an LG monitor, allowing it to integrate neatly into the existing office environment. Therefore, having the same appearance as the commonly used LG monitor delivers many benefits for the office environment. Screens can be expanded cleanly and visually in the office, naturally creating a seamless multitasking environment.

  • Built-in Webcam & Speaker

    Featuring the built-in Full HD webcam and the integrated speaker, to host various meetings and video conferences without installation or connecting a device. In addition, the pop-up type* built-in webcam helps to minimize security issue. *Applies to only some models.

  • LG Cloud Device manager

    It's the optimized management software for LG Cloud Devices. By installing on a central server, LG thin clients can be managed and controlled centrally to simplify your users experience, save time for IT admins and is cost efficient.

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