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LG Probeam Logo New Standard for Business Projectors

Why LG ProBeam

LG ProBeam increases your work values through the projector offering the big screen and high resolution designed for business.

  • Real 4K
    UHD Laser Projector

    High Definition

    With LG’s unrivaled technology, LG ProBeam maintains the stunning visual quality of 4K high resolution in the 300-inch big screen, resulting in delivering powerful content perfectly.

  • 20,000 Hours Lamp Life


    The laser light source for up to 20,000 hours of operation is the most cost-effective way with lower maintenance expenses of your business.

  • 12 Point Warping

    Flexible &
    Easy Installation

    The functionality of 12 Point warping, and lens shift zoom 1.6, enables to install easily in different environments and supports more precise screen settings.

See Line-Up
of LG Projector

ProBeam List

Innovative Achievements of LG Projector

  1. 2007
    product image of HS101
    HS101 World's First
    Portable LED
  2. 2010
    product image of HX300
    HX300 World's First
    300lm Portable
  3. 2012
    product image of PA75K
    PA75K World's First
    SMART TV Projector
    with Magic Remote
  4. 2013
    product image of PF85K
    PF85K World's First Voice
    Recognizing SMART
  5. 2015
    product image of PF1000U
    PF1000U World's Smallest
    FHD UST Projector
  6. 2017
    product image of HF80JA
    HF80JA World's First
    Laser 2,000lm FHD
    Portable Projector
  7. 2018
    product image of HU80KA
    HU80KA World's First
    Vertical Design with
    Mirror Real 4K Laser
  8. 2019
    product image of HU85LA
    HU85LA World's First
    3Ch Laser Technology
    (with Dual Laser)
  9. 2020
    product image of BU50N
    BU50N Real 4K Laser
    Business Projector
  10. 2021
    product image of BU60P
    BU60P 4K UHD 6,000 ANSI
    Lumens Laser
  11. 2023
    product image of BU70QGA
    BU70QGA 4K Laser Signage
    Projector with
    7,000 ANSI
    Lumens Brightness
  12. 2024
    product image of BU60RG
    BU60RG 4K 6,000 ANSI Laser
    Projector with
    Signage webOS

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Better for All

All activities carried out by LG Electronics are directed
at customers, suppliers, employees, related organizations, and the global ecosystem.

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Better for all

LG Electronics is dedicated to adhering to the standards set by EPEAT, an online registry aimed at promoting environmentally friendly electronics. EPEAT was created with the support of a grant from the U.S. EPA and its standards were developed through a collaborative effort involving nonprofit organizations, manufacturers, government entities, and purchasers.

The EPEAT criteria, derived from the IEEE 1680.1 standard for environmental and social responsibility assessment of computers, displays, including tablets. Corporate environmental performance reporting by suppliers

LG Electronics offers information on supplier environmental performance through its LG Sustainability Report and provides additional details on supplier environmental practices through Supplier Environment Information.

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