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LG Medical Display Logo See Beyond Sight

Why LG Medical Display

Take Your Medical Display
to the Next Level

LG Electronics, a leader of the premium monitor market,
support you to be more confident with diagnosis and operations.
With digital transformation in healthcare, medical displays which may affect the perception and interpretation of medical staff, are pivotal to handle digitized medical information.
LG Medical Displays help you to keep up with these digital trends by meeting every medical imaging need from multimodality monitors to mammography displays with the latest imaging technologies and the strictest quality control.

See Full Line-Up
of LG Medical Display

Diagnostic Monitors

21.3-inch 5MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography - 21HQ613D
Diagnostic Monitor
For Professional Diagnosis

LG Diagnostic Monitors allows medical professionals to easily distinguish even delicate details.

Calibration Software

LG Medical Display with calibration software
LCS Medical*

DICOM Calibration & Quality Assurance Software

* LCS Medical: LG Calibration Studio Medical


Clinical Review Monitors

24-inch 2MP Clinical Review Monitor - 24HR513C
Clinical Review Monitor
For Precise Clinical Review

LG Clinical Review Monitors provide stable brightness and wide viewing angles to deliver accurate medical images.

Surgical Monitors

4K Surgical Monitor with Mini-LED – 27HQ710S
Surgical Monitor
Ideal Display for Detailed Surgery

Find your path to the best outcomes with outstanding image quality, usability, and credibility.

Digital X-ray Detectors

LG Digital X-ray Detector with Oxide TFT - 14HQ901G / 17HQ901G
Digital X-ray Detector
More Details at Lower Dose
in Every X-ray Image

Get better diagnostic images at lower radiation dose to the patient.

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Better for All

All activities carried out by LG Electronics are directed
at customers, suppliers, employees, related organizations, and the global ecosystem.

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Better for all

LG Electronics is dedicated to adhering to the standards set by EPEAT, an online registry aimed at promoting environmentally friendly electronics. EPEAT was created with the support of a grant from the U.S. EPA and its standards were developed through a collaborative effort involving nonprofit organizations, manufacturers, government entities, and purchasers.

The EPEAT criteria, derived from the IEEE 1680.1 standard for environmental and social responsibility assessment of computers, displays, including tablets. Corporate environmental performance reporting by suppliers

LG Electronics offers information on supplier environmental performance through its LG Sustainability Report and provides additional details on supplier environmental practices through Supplier Environment Information.

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